Shower Sex 101

Today I was putting together a post for Instagram on tips for steamy shower sex. I thought it would be short and sweet and the next thing I knew I had a 3 paragraph novel in front of me and I was like yeah this probably needs to be a blog post. In my head this subject seems simple and straightforward but as I typed out the information it kept pouring out like a shower on full blast! Shower sex can be a great way to switch things up. I mean, showers are a necessary part of life, you might as well make the most of them and have a little extra sensual fun! Here are some things to consider before getting wet together.

  1. Water does not count as lubricant. Use a shower friendly lube to help keep things wet and slippery. Silicone-based lubes are usually what are recommended for water activities.
  2. Don’t forget a shower friendly toy. After all it’s not all about the P in V and a little foreplay whether it’s with a toy or oral will ensure a steamy experience. Check out our website for some of our favorite water safe toys.
  3. If your foreplay involves lathering each other up make sure to rinse off extra well. That soap can make you, your partner and the shower floor extra slippery and not in a fun and sexy way. You also want to rinse and rinse again to avoid getting soap in genital areas. Soap does not belong in the vagina, anus, or penis! It can cause all sorts of discomfort and the effects can linger long after you dry off.
  4. Speaking of drying off make sure you dry off ASAP after shower sex. Damp genitals are a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause yeast infections. Another good tip to avoid infections is to pee after sex even if you feel squeaky clean after your hot sexy shower.
  5. The shower can be a little limiting for sex positions but here are three we recommend trying.
    • Leg Up: Whether it’s on top of one of those suction shower handles, the side of the tub, or a shower bench, rest your foot there, facing your partner. You can also do this facing away from your partner, just face the shower wall, rest your foot up on a safe support and have your partner directly behind you.
    • Standing Doggy: This position offers the most support and stability. Place your hands on the wall in front of you and lean into it. Your partner will be able to enter you from behind. Remember to keep a slight bend in your knees while in this position
    • Chairperson: Take a seat! On the edge of the tub or on a shower bench “if you fancy like that.” Have your partner straddle your lap facing away from you. They can use your knees or the shower wall to support themselves. This position is the shower safe version of reverse cowgirl!

Pro tip: If you find yourself getting busy in the shower often invest in a non-slip shower mat and an adjustable suction shower handle.

Okay now go start the shower, ask for consent, have fun and get wet!

With Pleasure,


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