Our Story

Like most kick ass business ideas, The Study came along after experiencing our own journey and choosing to do something about the parts of that journey that felt lack luster. A few challenging years of an unfulfilling marriage, sex, and life forced us to really take a look at ourselves and our relationship. We found that most of these issues came from the lack of communication and true self-acceptance, mainly of the sexual nature. On our journey of understanding ourselves as sexual beings with valid desires, we recognized how difficult it seemed to be to find a safe place to ask questions, find reliable resources and products, receive positive judgement free feedback and simply just explore desires with knowledgeable people to help. We created the The Study to be a safe pleasure positive place. We are here to help support individuals as they study their desires. We will provide quality toys, customer service and resources such as: interviews, podcast, books, and my personal blog filled with unfiltered content about my sex positive explorations.
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